Shrink-Wrap Services

AzDuraWrap LLC specializes in shrink-wrapping commercial, industrial, residential
and agricultural assets for protection, storage, containment or transportation. We create custom packaging, shipping, storage and weatherization solutions for inventory, idle machinery, aircraft, pallets, boats, vehicles,scaffolding, buildings, construction projects, restorations, and environmental contaminants.

Specialty Shrink-films

  • BioShrink – Patented antimicrobial wrap that kills mold, mildew, and algae on the surfaces it contacts.
  • Flame Retardant ShrinkWrap – Extinguishes within 4 seconds of having the source of ignition removed. Ideal for scaffolding, factories, and sites where crews are working with a heat source.
  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Shrink-Wrap Film – Contains additives to prevent corrosion on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and electrical connections for up to two years.
  • Zerust Film and Capsules – Corrosion inhibiting vapor release molecules to condense and form a protective layer on all exposed surfaces.
  • Accessories – Zippered Doors, Vents, Solar Powered Fans, and Container Dri II can be added to further protect and preserve your assets.

Shrinkwrap Specifications

Our shrinkwrap is 100% virgin resin material, with extremely consistent mil thickness and opacity.  It contains 5% UV inhibitors by weight for excellent performance during long term storage and transportation.

Test Description Method Units 7-ml Shrink 8.5-ml Shrink
Weatherability ASTM G63 Hours Over 1000 Over 1000
Thickness ASTM D374 Mil 7 8.6
Shrink Temperature ASTM D2732 Degree F 275 275
Tensile Properties
–Yield (md/cd) ASTM D882 psi 1400/1200 1400/1200
–Break (md/cd) ASTM D882 psi 2500/2400 2500/2400
–Elongation (md/cd) ASTM D882 % 600/700 600/700
Elmendorf Tear (md/cd) ASTM D1922 gm 600/1100 800/1000
Dart Impact ASTM D1709 gm 750 900
Blow-up ratio (md/cd) % 45-60/30-40 45-60/30-40