I spoke with the site supervisor in Puerto Rico today to see how delivery of the first shelter went.

High praise was given to your wrapping.  Turns out the path for delivery was overgrown with trees and bamboo.    The corner protection and wrapping protected the shelters from edge and side damage.  Without your covering,  the shelter would have significant damage to edges and along the sides of the shelter.  The site manager endorses the protective wrapping.

We went forward with wrapping to protect against salt water and salt air.   Your wrap survived interstate hauling, ship handling and transport, storage and final mile delivery to a remote location.  When the wrapping was removed the shelter looked great.  Excellent work Monte – Thank you.

Jack Struensee

Director Business Development

Champagne Logistics

AzDuraWrap is by far the best solution for protecting your assets on the
market today!

I was looking for a way to protect my boat from the elements and ensure that
it’s original beauty was maintained while also being able to reduce my
storage costs. When I contacted AzDuraWrap they promptly responded to the
numerous questions I had as the process of shrinkwrapping was new to me. At
my convenience they scheduled an appointment for my boat to be wrapped.
Upon arrival they allowed me to watch and ask questions as they worked.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I have reduced my storage
cost from $150/month indoor storage to $0/month outdoor storage while
maintaining a high level of protection from the elements for my boat which
my family has owned since I was 8. Today my boat looks every bit as
beautiful as other boats I see that are half as old. Whether you store your
assets indoor or out I would recommend AzDuraWrap to ensure their long term
beauty and protection from the elements during times of non-use as they not
only provide an exceptional product, but also a level of customer service
that cannot be beat!

Kristin Robinson