How much does Shrink-Wrap cost?

The cost of shrink wrap depends largely on the size of the item being wrapped. Helicopters, Boats, and Autos, are usually priced by the lineal foot and range from $12 to $16 depending on the width and mil thickness needed to provide the desired protection. Machinery, Pallets, Structure, Roofs, Interior Walls and Scaffolding applications are priced by the square foot.  For example, to wrap a 20 foot ski boat we would use a 7 mil. film in a 17 to 20 foot width and charge approximately $14 per lineal (running) foot of the boat.  A boat with a ski tower would cost a bit more due to extra film used to go up and over the tower. Shrink wrapping a damaged roof of a 1200 square foot house would require a 10 or 12 mil. film in 40′ widths for which we would charge by the square foot. Specialty shrink-wraps are priced higher as they are costlier to produce with their specific inhibitors.

Shrink-Wrap is not stretch wrap.

Stretch wrap is applied around an object, sticks to itself and is not weatherproof. Shrink-Wrap is heated with propane fired heat gun to shrink the film around the object sealing it in a dense, UV protected, weatherproof cocoon. Shrink wrap has a higher resistance to punctures than stretch wrap does which can deter damage to the item being wrapped. While both products have their uses, shrink-wrap is far superior when total protection from the elements is needed.

Can it be Shrink-Wrapped?

We’re often asked if certain objects can be shrink wrapped and our answer is always the same. “We haven’t yet found anything that can’t be.” Shrink wrap is commonly used to protect freight, aircraft, autos, equipment and boats during transport or storage but because it molds itself onto the shape of the object when heated, there is no limit to its applications. It is used extensively in the construction industry to contain the site and crew from inclement weather, keep the job on schedule, and to increase product cure rates.  Scaffolding is often shrink wrapped to strengthen the structure, contain crew and materials, and to protect those working underneath from falling objects. Shrink wrap is also used to create enclosures around environmental containments to facilitate the removal of asbestos, lead and other hazards. Please see our industry specific pages for more information.

Shrink-Wrap 101 and Specialty Shrink-Wraps

Shrink wrap, also referred to as shrinkwrap or shrink film, is a material made up of polymer plastic film and comes in many different thicknesses and qualities. When heat is applied it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. The Shrink- wrap we choose to use is a low-density polyethylene film made 100% virgin resin with extremely consistent mil thickness and opacity that is used to contain and weatherproof large scale objects. It contains 5% UV inhibitors by weight for excellent UV protection and performance during long term storage and transportation. When heated, it shrinks 25% to encase the wrapped item from rain, snow, wind, dirt, and UV rays. We also install specialized shrink wraps such as BioShrink, VCI Shrink, and Flame Retardant ShrinkWrap when indicated to further ensure the protection of the asset.

BioShrink® Tan Shrinkwrap—is our newest specialty shrinkwrap.  It contains Anti-microbial additives that will minimize mold and mildew buildup on whatever it is covering.   The additives will remain active as long as the shrinkwrap is intact.   It comes in an 8-ml thickness.

VCI Shrinkwrap—is a “Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting” shrinkwrap.  It contains additives that will prevent corrosion on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and electrical connections, for periods up to 2 years. VCI Shrinkwrap comes in both 6 and 7-ml thicknesses.

Flame Retardant Shrinkwrap—contains specialized additives that will extinguish the wrap within 4 seconds of having the source of ignition removed from the material.   This makes it an ideal shrinkwrap for scaffolding, shipyards, factories, containments, etc. where people will be working under the material.  All of our Flame Retardant Shrinkwrap meets, or exceeds, NFPA 701 Specification. Flame Retardant Shrinkwrap is opaque white and comes in 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12-ml thicknesses.