How much does Shrink-Wrap cost?

The cost of shrink wrap depends largely on the size of the item being wrapped. Helicopters, Boats, and Autos, are usually priced by the lineal foot and range from $12 to $16 depending on the width and mil thickness needed to provide the desired protection. Machinery, Pallets, Structure, Roofs, Interior Walls and Scaffolding applications are priced by the square foot.  For example, to wrap a 20 foot ski boat we would use a 7 mil. film in a 17 to 20 foot width and charge approximately $14 per lineal (running) foot of the boat.  A boat with a ski tower would cost a bit more due to extra film used to go up and over the tower. Shrink wrapping a damaged roof of a 1200 square foot house would require a 10 or 12 mil. film in 40′ widths for which we would charge by the square foot. Specialty shrink-wraps are priced higher as they are costlier to produce with their specific inhibitors.